New Jazz Ex-Temporé international jazz ensemble
Andrea Vicari - piano/keyboards
"a considerable compositional and bandleading talent". The Times 

Yazz Ahmed - trumpet/electronics
“Ahmed has a true tone and spins long lines over complex, self-penned structures.” The Financial Times

Rosa Brunello - double bass
"..a good bass player with a good sense of rhythm and harmony.  She is also a good composer"  Lionel Loueke , musician

Alba Nacinovich - vocals/electronics

Features some of Europe’s best female jazz artists playing original jazz music with electronics.

To book this band, or Andrea's other ensembles email:-

@The Crypt, London, Friday 20th September

@Teignmouth Jazz Festival, Saturday 19th October 2019

@The Crypt, London, Friday 20th September

Croatia TV

Andrea Vicari Yazz Rosa Brunello
Andrea Vicari - piano/keyboards Yazz Ahmed - trumpet/electronics Rosa Brunello - double bass
Alba on stage
Alba Nacinovich - vocals/electronics New Jazz Extempore on Stage in Croatia
guitars, harmonica, accordeon,
mandolin, lapsteel guitar, keys 6, 7, 8, 9
piano, wurlitzer, vox 2,6,7
voices & violin on "SARI GELIN"
Sari Gellen - "Medina’s haunting vocals and violin performed in unison add an authenticity that takes this number beyond the jazz sphere and into a class of it’s own." London Jazz News

East and West" .. demonstrates their apparently never-ending scope for harmonic creativity and highly-focused improvisation"
The Musician Magazine

Jazz Ex-Temporé “An important and enjoyable contribution to the new, emergent European jazz - full of confidence and creativity.” Dave Gelly - Observer Jazz Critic
"fabulous, fluid playing by all with Andrea’s sweet, choral vocal tone gelling the irregular bar lengths into a melodic melange." Jeanie Barton, London Jazz News

1. The Occidental Tourist

2. Breakout

3. Sari Gellen


Jazz ExTempore has recorded a new album; ‘East and West’ released by “33 Records”. This second album from Jazz Extempore features Andrea Vicari on piano (from the UK), Elvis Staniç on (guitars and accordion) from Croatia, Rico de Jeer on bass (from Holland/Indonesia) and Hristo Yotsov on drums (from Bulgaria). Medina Mektiva from the UK and Azerbaijan also features on one track ‘Sari Gelin’. The new album brings together the jazz tradition with Eastern folk elements in a contemporary style. There are originals compositions from all members of the group as well as two arrangements of traditional folk tunes from Croatia and Azerbaijan. ‘Sari Gelin’ features new vocal talent Median Mektiva who sings this Azeri folk melody with all the traditional inflections and embellishments so common in Eastern music. ‘Ivan Klakar’ is a fictitious character in Croatian folklore who survived a terrible storm at sea in a boat. Elvis Staniç’s arrangement of this observes elements of the original melody but adds jazz chords to the harmony and the time signature has been changed from 3/4 to 4/4.

The CD title ‘East and West’ describes the core of the band with the East represented by Elvis Staniç and Hristo Yotsov and their compositions (Breakout, East and West, Wandering Shadows) and the West by Andrea Vicari and Rico de Jeer and their tunes (The Occidental Tourist, Elf, Base my Life and Lanziamentos del Verde). ‘Harvard Street” by Elvis Staniç and ‘Sari Gelin’ co arranged by Andrea Vicari and Medina Mektiva cross over the boundaries and offer elements of each other’s cultures.

Elvis Staniç is Croatia’s top jazz guitarist as well as a sought after producer for jazz and pop. His playing on ‘East and West’ is guitar virtuosity at the highest level- intensely melodic with edge. Andrea Vicari complements the quartet with an equally melodic style entwined with rhythmic and outside lines. The strong writing on this CD and the equally strong playing from all members of the quartet makes this CD a real work of art.

The group was initially formed as a cultural exchange between Croatia and other European countries with gigs in Croatia (Zagreb jazz club, Liburnia jazz festival), Bulgaria (Live Club Sofia, Plovdiv jazz festival) as well as Holland and England (Scarborough jazz festival 2010) and more recently the group toured Eastern Europe including Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy. Medina Mektiva studied violin at Trinity Laban conservatoire.

Andrea Vicari
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Jazz ExTemporé  "demonstrate their apparently never-ending scope for harmonic creativity and highly-focused improvisation"
The Musician Magazine

Andrea Vicari
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RoundTrip Jazz ExTempore First CD "ROUND TRIP"
reviewed in Jazzwise magazine

Round Trip - Croatia Records CD5861225

The ideal of 'music without frontiers" provides the philosophical underpinning for this cross-cultural experiment which began when Elvis Stanic, director of the Liburnia Jazz Festival in Croatia, invited fellow European jazzers from the UK (Andrea Vicari), Holland (Rico De Jeer) and Bulgaria (Hristo Yotsov) to join him in exploring traditional music from his home country, with each participant being encouraged to bring intuitions and insights from their own backgrou nds to the table. Stanic's mellow 'Silent Voices' gets things underway, demonstrating both the composer's clear-toned guitar picking and generous accordion work. It's followed by the whirling gypsy-jazz dance of 'Se Jest On' and Vicari's pensive, abstracted 'Counting Minutes', the latter featuring some fine ensemble work and gaining an extra sonic dimension thanks to the addition of guest player Primoz Fleischman on sax. Elsewhere the likes of the traditional Croatian tune 'Ju Te San Se Zajubija' finds itself rubbing shoulders with geographically and rhythmically diverse jazz inspirations such as Yotsov's 'Balkan Afro.'

Robert Shore JazzWise Magazine September 2010